Ambientech's Development Process

We follow a multi-disciplinary process for developing customer's products for web and mobile.

Let's pay attention to our End-to-End Development Process

We provide integrated & adaptive End-to-End development process for B2B, B2C, Multiple projects, Websites and web applications for top brands, enterprise mobile apps.


Information Gathering

‚ÄčThis is the first step to gather all the required information for the project from the client. Design and development team should have all required information regarding their questions to go into the project needs. We carefully analyze the client's requirements in this step.
Contact Client
Research and Planning
Sketch Your Idea
Estimation Approval
Project Agreement

Planning, Strategy & Wireframing

After step first it's to make detailed project plans, At this stage sitemap is developed. Sitemap is the list of all main areas of a project. We navigate project structure properly to make customers' journeys simple. The basis of an easy to navigate project is an excellent UI.
Analysis Project
Creating Wireframe & Prototype
Creating Project Structures
Select Right Development Technologies
Submission of the resource plan

Design: UI & UX

We want your customers to give the best design experience with your businesses, that's why we focus on developing highly featured addictive, innovative, user friendly and mobile friendly business website mobile applications. We use the latest high featured technologies to get more customers.
Used Latest UI Design Features
Study Demographics
Creating Design with colors
UX Personalization
UX Metrics Evaluation


In this stage, our rich experienced developers will take the charge to make your business system a reality. They start to work on development. They write code with purity and optimized code according to created project plans and wireframing to provide the best experience to customers.
Time to Release Plan
Coding with timeframe
Full stack backend development
Update status to client
Optimized Code

Testing and Quality Assurance

When the development stage is completed with visuals and required stages, it's time to make final testing. Every milestone has to be tested to make sure that all steps are working in the project. It improves project performance, quality of work and fulfill project requirements.
Real-time User testing
Bugs Removal
Gather feedback to client
Automated tests
Make final adjustments

Deployment & Launch

Now it's time to go live for your project & Get ready to see your finished masterpiece, After all the testing, increased quality assurance then our experts deploy the project on the respective production server. After that it will be a confirmation that the system has been uploaded correctly.
Release to production
Ensure integrity
Post Deployment
Maintenance & Support
Perfectly Working System

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